Potato bake

Hello! I had another rant lined up, but I think I need to share some light and love instead. I must have had a build up of frustration or something on the weekend when I was writing. Sorry about that!

So no rant today.

Instead, I shall share my recipe for potato bake. It’s a really nice one.

I use dutch creams, and I slice them with a mandolin, though I do caution you to be careful and wasteful. That last slice you try to get out of each potato can take some serious skin off if you slip. Like, deadly serious!

Either way, knife or deathtrap, I slice them nice and thin. Skin on.

I rub some garlic and then some butter around the dish, and I use my big thick heavy imitation le creuset baking dish.

I make a big bowl of pouring cream with a couple of dollops of dijon or wholegrain mustard (or a combination if I’m feeling whimsical). Sometimes I go half cream and half stock (I use chicken stock, but vegetable stock would be just fine too if you’re vegetarian, or all stock I guess if you’re vegan).

I also grate a bit of cheese (gruyere is delicious), finely slice some brown onion and set aside some butter, capers, salt and pepper.

Layer the sliced potatoes like fish scales, then add a couple of little dollops of butter, sprinkle of onion, capers, cheese, and salt. Doesn’t need much between layers.

Then I ladle the mustardy cream of over the layer.

I go layer by layer, just like this, usually three or four layers (3cm is nice), finishing with a layer of potatoes and just cheese on top.

In the oven, covered in foil, on 180 for about an hour, and then foil off until the cheese is golden.

And then I let it rest for a good half an hour, foil back on.

And then I dive in. x

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