We feel that one of the most important things in the world is to be human in business. In all things. That is at the heart of good business, and good culture.

And so we started Dear Human, an old-school advice column, inspired by Cheryl Strayed and her savage and generous Dear Sugar column. If you haven’t read it, buy Tiny Beautiful Things, a bottle of wine and a box of tissues. 

Thank you to every person that writes in their questions with truth, arms wide, for the good. If you have a question for Dear Human, email us at dearhuman@thegoodempire.com.

Dear Human is written by our founder, André Eikmeier.

Dear Human: How do I find my spark?

By andreeikmeier | October 9, 2019

Work to live or live to work? This human has something in them, burning like wild fire, but is unfulfilled. How do we find and live our purpose? How do we live up to our potential? And what if we’re not good enough?

Dear Human: Stepping forward and letting people down

By andreeikmeier | September 25, 2019

Sometimes choosing ourselves can mean upsetting others. This human has an opportunity that truly excites them, but they’re torn over letting their current employers down. Sucks to be human. But not really.

Dear Human: Remotely Unsure

By andreeikmeier | September 17, 2019

Dear Human, What do you think about working remotely vs working together with a team, say, at head office. I live interstate from the company I work for and I work out of a co-working space, most often it’s just me.  I also travel a lot for work, and sometimes travel just for me, but work remotely. It’s a great company I work for, they’re really cool about it, they’re very flexible with everyone, but I wonder sometimes if I’d be happier being more a part of the culture, as you would put it. Sometimes I wonder if I’m missing …

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Dear Human: More Torn than Natalie Imbruglia

By andreeikmeier | September 11, 2019

This week’s Dear Human answers the question of balancing commercial and cultural integrity, the “no dickheads” rule for customers, employees and investors, and the cross genre appeal of Natalie Imbruglia in the 90s.

Dear Human: Grass is Greener

By andreeikmeier | September 3, 2019

Dear Human, I wonder when it’s time to settle. You see, I’ve always been a ‘grass is greener’ kinda human and the truth is it’s served me well – I value growth, experiences, adventure, and the occasional shiny thing. The challenge is to know when to stop searching for what’s next – whether that be a job opportunity, an improved relationship, travel, place to live, the next adventure and experience… and simply be present to what is. When does this pursuit become a distraction from the present moment and is there such thing as balance? Existentially yours, Grass Is Greener. …

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Dear Human: Does It Really Matter?

By andreeikmeier | August 27, 2019

Dear human,  I’ve lost my way, I’m in over my head, trying to do and be all things in my early stage, purpose driven, startup. I care too much about everything, I’m struggling trying to promote my business and not be a sell out. I’m not a big fan of social media and yet here I am on it every single day, promoting what I’m doing, which is beautiful by the way but I feel a little gross. I’m spending so much time doing things that you’re supposed to do to grow my company but honestly does it really matter? …

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Dear Human: Burnt Out

By andreeikmeier | August 20, 2019

Dear Human, I’m really good at giving up. Like, too good. I’ve only recently started to realise that it’s a real problem and probably the thing that keeps me from the level of success I really want to attain in life. I’m really great at starting. I get hooked on the excitement of a project or a new business and my mind starts racing with all the possibilities. I’ve started about 5 businesses over the last 10 years, but disinterest always seems to unravel me. It’s not that I haven’t been successful. Many of the businesses I’ve started have made …

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Dear Human: Ever Striving, Never Present

By andreeikmeier | August 12, 2019

Dear Human, I have a business I’ve been running since 2010. I love my team, and feel very connected with what we’re doing, and its impact. Sometimes I feel like it’s just once endless cycle of goals, and setbacks, and new goals. One step forwards, two steps back, two steps forwards, one to the side, one back, two forwards. I understand that this is the nature of business, and my concern is less for the success of the business, which is going well, but for the pressure I feel, constantly, striving.  I have teenage kids, and I know I bring …

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Dear Human: Fifty Something

By andreeikmeier | August 7, 2019

Dear Human, I’m in my fifties, I have managed teams all my life. I feel my experience has only grown the value I have to offer an organisation. I’m not exactly a luddite, but I haven’t grown up with technology or social media like the tech kids. And yet companies including my last role seem to be looking to hire younger leaders, and from my experience in applying for new senior positions, if you’re not in your 40s, you’re not going to get a look in. I’m a long way off retirement, I don’t feel any less energetic or capable …

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Dear Human: Fallen out of love

By andreeikmeier | August 4, 2019

Dear Human, In January 2019 I launched my first online business. In the 18 months leading up to this I was unstoppable and full of so much confidence, I had no doubt in my mind that I was going to succeed, I was going to turn my life around. I worked day and night and learnt an entirely new set of skills to get this up and running, through a really personally challenging time.  I kept surprising myself though with what I could achieve step by step and day by day, it was all adding up. After 18 months when …

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