It was very important to us to make this no question, no-brainer affordable. We’ve been there. We are there. Money is tight in startupland. 

So we created a starting membership of $90/month. 

Or you can pay for a year up front, for $720, and which ends up at only $60/month. You save yourself $360, and it’s good for our cash flow.

Just choose what’s more important to you - saving $360 over the course of a year, or having the $630 in your bank account for now. 

Which is your first startup lesson - profit vs cash flow. Both important, depends if you have capital (eg: $630), in which case you’d be smart to take the yearly subscription option, or you don’t, in which case go the $90 and take the pressure off.

Either way, it’s all good, so don’t stress!

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