It’s been a while coming, but we are VERY proud and relieved to announce the launch of GOOD ACADEMY, our online mentoring and learning platform for startup founders who want to do something good in the world.

It's lonely being a founder.

We have this dream, this vision, and we want to bring it to life, but it’s hard. It’s emotional. We doubt ourselves. Constantly. We have wins, we have setbacks, we have pressures, and we  have brief and blazing moments of glory, moments that give us the hope to keep going...

But we’re not alone. There are good people out there doing their thing. Sometimes we come together, at events, or in coworking spaces.

We founded Good Academy to bring us all together.

To have a place we can connect and be open and human, have a sounding board, get advice from good people who have been on this adventure before, and ask the questions we want to ask, but maybe are a little bit afraid to, and share our ideas.

We’re gathering a tribe united in belief that good business coming together with good people can change the world.

And maybe have a bit of fucking fun together too!


How does it all work?

It was very important to us to make this no question, no-brainer affordable. We’ve been there. We are there. Money is tight in startupland. 

So we created a starting membership of $90/month, or less if you pay upfront for a year.

Membership gets you access to our mentoring platform, which is a private group on facebook only for Good Academy members.

Here you can post questions, talk about your business - not in a pitchy salesy way, but to help your mentors and fellow founders understand what you’re building, and share your challenges, your ideas, opportunities. 

Need a developer? Digital marketer? Employment lawyer? Got a question about hiring? Culture? Need help implementing an agile operating framework? Need help finding and articulating your purpose? Just need to share what is keeping you up at night?

We're here for you.

We’ll sometimes have live zoom webinars, which you’ll get access to, and we’ll host workshops and events that you’ll get member rates and priority access to. 

Over time we’ll be creating online learning courses and workshops around purpose, brand, content, culture, vision, strategy, operations, and gathering and uniting your tribes. You’ll get member rates to these as well as they become available.

This is the beginning. While Good Academy is still small, we’ll be able to make it very much about human relationships. We’ll get to know you and your startup, and we’ll come on the adventure with you, and help you in any way we can.


Meet our founder, your first mentor.

André Eikmeier is a founder and thought leader on business for good and purpose, brand and culture.

With an eclectic history that includes dropping out of uni, a failed family business, an acting career in four out of five of Australia's worst TV shows, a singing career that never transcended being lead singer in a One Hit Wonders covers band, a theatre company that imploded on its first production, two years on the phones in customer service in a wine company, and a year-long kombi wine adventure around Australia...

André co-founded and built online wine startup Vinomofo from his garage into a $100m global company, renowned for their strong culture and brand, and their passionate tribe of mofos. In its 8-year history, Vinomofo has been awarded Deloitte’s Fastest Growth Company, Telstra Victorian Business of the Year, Online Retailer of the Year, AFR Most Successful Staff Engagement and one of the Great Places to Work in Australia.

In 2018, André launched Good Empire, an incubator for projects and startups for good, bringing together business for good and good people to change things in the world that need changing.

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