Monthly Subscription

$90.00 / month

It was very important to us to make this no question, no-brainer affordable. We’ve been there. We are there. Money is tight in startupland. 

So we created a starting membership of $90/month. 

That gets you access to our mentoring platform, which is a private group on facebook only for Good Academy members.

Here you can post questions, talk about your business – not in a pitchy salesy way, but to help your mentors and fellow founders understand what you’re building, and share your challenges, your ideas, opportunities. 

Need a developer? Digital marketer? Employment lawyer? Got a question about hiring? Culture? Need help implementing an agile operating framework? Need help finding and articulating your purpose? Just need to share what is keeping you up at night?

We’re here for you.

We’ll sometimes have live zoom webinars, which you’ll get access to, and we’ll host workshops and events that you’ll get member rates and priority access to. 

Over time we’ll be creating online learning courses and workshops around purpose, brand, content, culture, vision, strategy, operations, and gathering and uniting your tribes. You’ll get member rates to these as well as they become available.

This is the beginning. While Good Academy is still small, we’ll be able to make it very much about human relationships. We’ll get to know you and your startup, and we’ll come on the adventure with you, and help you in any way we can.

“I spent the last 12 years building online wine startup Vinomofo into a $100m global company with a team of 120. We were renowned for our strong brand and culture. I learned the value of a brand that stands for something that people want to feel a part of. A brand built on purpose.”

– André Eikmeier, Founder of Good Empire


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