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Potato bake

Hello! I had another rant lined up, but I think I need to share some light and love instead. I must have had a build up of frustration or something on the weekend when I was writing. Sorry about that! So no rant today. Instead, I shall share my recipe for potato bake. It’s a …

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Just you

What if you could show up, anywhere, as just you? Not Superyou, just you. No guard, no mask, no filter. Even the weird bits that nobody really knows. Dare you.

The Painter

I have a story to share with you. Last night I was out for dinner, great restaurant, I was sitting in the window booth eating, and outside the window, a man came up and gestured to me. He had a painting in his hand. And he was waving for me to come outside. Now, as …

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One and two way doors

Waiting until you’re 100% certain before acting each time will leave you inert. It’s too slow. How then, do you know when you know enough to act?

Head and Heart

When you think about past experiences you hold dear, do you remember them with your head or your heart? What are some heart memories that make you smile?

Paul Simon vs Backstreet Boys

Is marketing really just about asking people what they want and giving it to them? Or is it actually more about what you stand for?

Purpose themes

It’s hard if someone asks you straight up, from all the possibilities in the world – what is your purpose? A lot of us struggle to answer this. A lot of organisations don’t really get to the heart of it either. But what I’ve found through my work with helping organisations find their purpose, as …

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Finding your glow

What is your truth? Is what you do aligned with what you stand for? What about your tribe? Here's a good news story of someone who found hers...

Moving the middle

It takes a lot to move the middle. You have to push the edge, HARD. Not reasonably, not how you would like things to end up, but with all you fucking have, just to shift the norm a fraction. You have to bash and blaze. If you want to change the norm that men summarily …

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What’s in a name?

A few months ago I changed the name of Cult Tribal to Good Empire. Why? What's in a name? Does a name simply fit the thing it's naming, or can it actually shape it?

What do you stand for?

In 1997, I was twenty five years old. Right around the time you’re trying to make your mark on the world, and find your place in it. At least that’s how it was for me. I would have thought I was over the trauma of my teens, I’d had enough validation of my worth in …

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I was reasonably popular in primary school. Hung out with I guess you could say the cool kids, though we didn’t really think like that. We just played brandings and kiss and catch, and I probably spent more time pondering the mystery of why I kept getting caught when I KNEW I could run faster …

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Good Vs Evil

Ha! So many good conversations came from yesterday’s Intention vs Impact post, I thought it warranted a follow-up. If I read back through it, I can’t help but think “but you’re all about having impact now André, what are you f**king talking about?”. BUT, to be very open with you, last year I had a …

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Intention vs Impact

Which counts more? This is something I’ve found myself at odds with a lot over the years, particularly the last few.  Which do you look at?  I believe we can only truly control the intention of our actions, since the impact can also depend on how something gets received, or perceived.  But wiser friends than …

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What’s the thing?

What’s the thing that’s holding you back? Is it fear? Fear of what? Can you name the exact fear? It helps. Naming something that feels big and unconquerable can sometimes make it more approachable. Of course, sometimes putting it in a box gives you more excuses, too. Is it because you don’t know what to …

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Customer reviews

You may not know this, but the wine company I co-founded, Vinomofo, started as a review site. I had this vision to create a wine site where you could go look up a wine and see how REAL people liked it, not critics, just regular wine lovers like me. Of course, that didn’t make any …

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The secret to public speaking

I see plenty of “speaking coaches” talk about how to stand, what to do with your hands, and how to smile and project while you’re talking… Blah blah. I don’t think that’s the way to go about it. I think people get nervous about public speaking because they think it’s a performance, and if they …

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Finding your voice

I lost my voice last week. Naturally I had several speaking engagements exactly at that time, I blame Murphy. But this isn’t a post about how to get your voice back. Stepe ginger, garlic, chili, honey and lemon in a pot of water and drink that through the day. And shut up for a bit. …

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The cost to society

(Warning – this is a bit of a rant, because this really shits me!) Why do we feel like we need to put a dollar value on things that are bad in our culture, to get people to want to change them? I was meeting with a good woman building something very worthwhile to help …

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Stop with the beautiful

I saw a post the other day, by Sarah Wilson, who wrote the whole Quitting Sugar thing but more interestingly (I think) wrote an incredible and life-changing book on anxiety, called “First, we make the beast beautiful.” Which is also one of the greatest book titles in history. She wrote something quite poignant, quite meaningful, …

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I had a bad day the other day. I got an email that just triggered me. I was feeling fluey, and not just any flu, but the man flu. You know how serious that can be… But I digress with my sarcasm. I slept awfully, mind racing with too many negative things. They build and …

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Why should anybody care?

You ever sit back and wonder how we got to be people who post about themselves all the time? And I’m owning that I’ve started to do it too, don’t worry, this isn’t a judgemental rant (though it probably wouldn’t shock you if it was). I find myself wrestling with this. It’s why I’ve mostly …

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Hot August Night

You ever listened to Hot August Night? Start to finish, not as background music, but like you’re there? Man. What a thing that must have been. Doesn’t really matter if you like Neil Diamond or not, but that was one of those moments where people came together, humans, and shared something truly connecting. He was …

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Arms wide

You know when you feel the pressure mounting, like everything is closing in on you?  Something I’ve only recently learned is that sometimes the answer is not to fight, but to surrender. If you feel you have your heart in the right place, then open your arms and let go, see where the currents take …

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