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Past thoughts to ponder...

Everything is human

March 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

I was reminded, yesterday, of this. People. The people around us, going about their jobs – they’re not roles, or titles, or a set of expectations.  They’re humans.  They’re going through their shit, just like me, just like you.  They’re trying not to be human. Trying to be super human. To put their shit in …

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Be brave. Step in.

March 9, 2020 | 0 Comments

I have two quotes for you today: “All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.” “It is always the oppressor who benefits when others remain neutral, never the oppressed.” What is the holocaust of our time? What evil prevails? Who, or what, is being oppressed? And what are you …

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March 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

A lot of people talk about how social media and screens mean young people are spending less actual time together. No doubt there are definitive studies on this. I had a quick google search, and saw a hundred articles, but none really did offer proof of this, mostly because there wasn’t much benchmarking from “our” …

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Just living

February 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

I’m reading an incredible novel by an author I actually believe is the greatest writer, living or dead, the world has ever seen. The writer is Jonathan Safran Foer, and the novel is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. He also wrote Everything is Illuminated, which is extraordinary. One of the characters, an older Jewish man …

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Would anybody miss you if you were gone?

February 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

I don’t know if you noticed, which is kind of exactly the point, but I decided yesterday to not write The Good Word.  I wanted to see if anybody missed reading it. If it had become part of their day, part of their morning routine. Not as some sort of marketing or social experiment, I …

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A vote for all

February 10, 2020 | 0 Comments

Democracy says everybody gets an equal vote. Pretty much. Pretty much gets us where we are at in the world today, with Trump, Brexit, not to mention the uninspiring political state of our fair nation Australia. Also gets you Justin Trudeau and Jacinta Ardern, if you’re lucky.  Now democracy doesn’t directly get us digging new …

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Five Whys

February 3, 2020 | 0 Comments

There’s a problem-solving technique called the Five Whys. The Five Why’s.  (I’m very sensitive to apostrophising plurals, but recently read on grammarly that if it improves the readability and understanding of the sentence, then it’s accepted. Millennials rejoice 🙂 The idea is that you just keep asking why, to get to the root cause of …

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Cutting through

January 27, 2020 | 0 Comments

So you’ve got a message you would like to share. It’s important to you. It means something. So how do you reach someone in this noisy world? How do you cut through? You can’t just be louder. It’s all too loud. You can’t simply promise more. Everybody does. We don’t believe you. You can be …

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Julie asked me to write about love

January 20, 2020 | 1 Comment

What a wonderful request. To write about love. I’m actually good at love. That’s an odd thing to say, perhaps. But what I mean is that I lead very instinctively with love. Love over all. Pure and fierce. After finishing dinner of spaghetti meatballs with the kids last night, during which my daughter Lulu, who’s …

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Where to now?

January 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

As quickly as the world came together, it seems, has the world moved on.  Is it just me, or did it seem like for months, many of us, and certainly most of the world, was ignoring the fires. Feeling empathy for those people affected, certainly, but then a few weeks ago – WOOSH! Everybody in the world decided this was …

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