Small changes. Big impact.

It feels like we’re poised on the edge of great change. 

We’re taking to the streets, demanding action on climate change from governments.

Inspiring people and brands with influence are championing sustainability, advocating for change. The brightest minds are innovating new ways to solve some of our biggest problems, and many of the small ones.

Imagine if every one of us who wanted to see change was united under a banner that brought us all together. 

Imagine if we made 2020 the Year of the Planet. 

What then could we do? Is there anything we mere mortals could do in our everyday lives to make a difference?

You bet there is. Together, the small changes we make can have a big impact.

So let’s make 2020 the Year of the Planet - the year we pledge to make one small change in our lives each month to live more sustainably.

It’s easy to join. Just pledge your name and email below, and join the thousands of people making small changes in their lives for that month to live more sustainably.

We'll keep you updated with regular emails sharing tips, advice, news and most importantly, support with making each monthly change.

Our Mission

Is to gather and unite 1 million people around the world to make small changes in their lives each month to live more sustainably. 

Together we could save over a billion single-use plastic bags, bottles, cups, straws and containers, destined for landfill and our beautiful oceans.

That’s big impact.




Although Year of the Planet was created to ultimately reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions, the Australian bushfires have had such a devastating impact on the planet, the people and the wildlife, if only feels right we unite in support.

Wires Wildlife Rescue are Australia's largest wildlife rescue organisation, and are working tirelessly to save, care for and re-home the countless native animals left injured and homeless in the wake of the fires.

If you would like to make a donation, touch here:

SeabinProject LOGO

Throughout the course of the campaign, we will be partnering with some fierce and fearless and tireless organisations on the front line of preventing and repairing the damage our carbon emissions and waste are having on the planet.

Our first partner is the The Seabin Project, cleaning up our oceans one marina at a time.

Their incredible Seabins, which are in marinas and harbours all around the world, are each capable of catching:

  • 90,000 plastic bags
  • 35,700 disposable cups
  • 16,500 plastic cups
  • 166,500 plastic straws and utensils per year.

That is big impact.

You can learn more about the wonderful work they’re doing here:

And you can make a donation right here:


Year of the Planet is brought to you by the team at Good Empire.

We’re makers of startups and projects for good.

Inspired by and aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we bring ideas to life that are good for the world. We help change the things that need to change.

And most importantly, we’re a tribe. A global community of good people, united in purpose, to help create a better and more sustainable future for all.

Being part of Year of the Planet is doing just that.

Welcome to the tribe.

You can learn more about us here: thegoodempire.com